Sean F. Kelly, Ph.D.
Curriculum Vitae
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Sean F. Kelly, Ph.D.






            1969     B.A.      Yale College (Psychology)

            1973     M.A.     Boston University (Clinical Psychology)

            1974     Ph.D.    Boston University (Clinical Psychology)


Pre-doctoral training:



            1970-71             Judge Baker Child Guidance Clinic, Boston

            1971-72             University Hospital, Boston

1972-74             Beth Israel Hospital, Boston (Psychology Internship)


Licensure and certification:


1975                 Massachusetts Licensed Psychologist Provider #1698

1977                 National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology

1980                 Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, American Board of Professional Psychology

1992                 Fellow, American Academy of Clinical Psychology


Academic appointments:


1971-72                         Teaching Fellow, Boston University

1972-74             Clinical Fellow in Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

1973-74                         Lecturer, Boston University

1974-76             Lecturer, Wheelock College

1974-97             Instructor in Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

1976-79             Assistant Professor, Wheelock College

1976-79             Faculty, Massachusetts Psychological Center

1985-88            Boston Evening Medical Center

1997-2006         Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School


Hospital appointments:


1972-74                         Psychology Intern, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston

1974-76             Assistant in Psychology, Beth Israel Hospital

1976-78                         Associate in Psychology, Beth Israel Hospital

1978-80                         Assistant Psychologist, Beth Israel Hospital

1980-2005         Associate Psychologist, Beth Israel Hospital (Beth Israel/Deaconess Medical Center)

1988-                   Medical Staff, Newton-Wellesley Hospital


Other professional positions and major visiting appointments:


            1979                 Visiting Professor, George Washington University

            1988-2005         Vice President, Decker Associates, Needham, MA
1982-83                         Psychologist, Harvard Community Health Plan, Wellesley,MA

1991-2006         Psychological Consultant, Parish of the Good Shepherd, Waban, MA


Major committee assignments:


            1974-82            Psychology intern selection committee, Beth Israel Hospital

1974-82             Psychiatry/psychology/social work/nursing coordination committee, Beth Israel Hospital

1975-78            Committee of Social and Behavioral Scientists, Harvard Medical School

1975-98            Senior Psychologists’ Psychotherapy Project

1980-82            Committee to revise psychology internship structure, Beth Israel Hospital

1990-93            Readings in psychotherapy group, Beth Israel Hospital

1981-85            Panel of advisors to Blue Cross/Blue Shield Board of Directors

1988-97            Panel of doctors for the Commission on Ministry, Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts

1989-2004        Consulting Psychologists Group, Newton-Wellesley Hospital

1991-97            Clergy Family Network Committee, Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts

1995                 Facilitator, Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts Clergy Retreat


Memberships, offices, and committee assignments in professional societies:


1974-                   American Psychological Association

1974-90                         Massachusetts Psychological Association

1975-95                         Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis

1975-95             International Society for Hypnosis

1977-84             Membership Committee, SCEH

1982-83             Local Arrangements Committee, Annual Meeting of the SCEH

1984-90             MPA Ethics Committee

1991-                   American Association of Applied and Preventative Psychology


Editorial Boards:


1980-95                          Editorial consultant, International Journal of Clinical and Experimental                                      


1981                 Column Editor, Quarterly Review of Psychotherapy

1993                 Editorial Consultant, American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis


Principal clinical and hospital service responsibilities, Beth Israel Hospital:


1972-74             Psychology intern

1973-74             Intake team leader

1974-82             Chief psychologist for in-patient psychiatric unit

1977-82                          Psychological testing coordinator

1980-82                         Director of group programs, Clinic for Therapeutic Hypnosis

1981-82                 Director, The Weight Loss Clinic

1981-                                Supervising psychologist

1992-                                Panel of senior consultants to psychotherapy


Invited presentations:


            1976                  Psychology guest lecture series, The Institute for Living, Hartford ”Hypnosis and its clinical application”

            1980                 Spring Meeting of MPA “Hypnosis and enhanced athletic performance”
1982                 Psychology lecture series, Boston VA “Hypnosis as an adjunct to     psychotherapy”

            1983                 American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting “Hypnotizability, nausea and vomiting of pregnancy”

            1983                 Faculty, SCEH introductory workshop

            1983                 Chair, Film program, SCEH Annual Meeting

            1984                 BIH Department of Anaesthesia Lecture “Hypnosis and the control of pain”

            1985                 Spring Meeting of MPA “Phobias and hyperemesis: when survival traits fail.”

            1985                 BIH Department of Internal Medicine Grand Rounds “Suggestibility and physical illness”

            1988                 Charles River Hospital Psychiatric Grand Rounds “Diagnosis and      

                                    treatment of multiple personality on an in-patient unit”

            1988                 The Evergreen Lecture Series, Boston University “Hypnosis and memory”

            1990                 The Cambridge Series, Cambridge Hospital “Introduction to hypnosis: theory and practice”

            1990                 The Cambridge Series, Cambridge Hospital “Advanced hypnosis in clinical practice”

            1992                 Guest Lecturer, New England Society for Clinical Hypnosis “Advances in the treatment of nausea in pregnancy and chemotherapy”

1995                 NWH Obstetrics and Gynecology Grand Rounds “Suggestibility and hyperemesis gravidarum





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